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PSDN Climbs to 2nd in State!!


Poseidon Swimming Climbs to No. 2 in the State.

Wow! What a difference one year makes in our new home. Since arriving in our new home just 15 months ago Poseidon has quickly risen amongst the ranks in Virginia swimming, climbing from 11th in the spring of 2012 to 6th in the summer of 2012, followed by a 3rd in the spring to now rising all the way to 2nd.   With over 40 relays scoring points, this was truly a team effort!  Our coaches could tell a big difference in the team spirit amongst the 9-10, 11-12, and 13-14yo.  Now that we are all in “one house” and practicing together as groups we think the bond in each age group is getting stronger as we continue our climb to the top! 

Overall, on the weekend we had 13 team relay record broken, including one state record by the 13-14 year old girls 200 free relay(Jillian Butler, Meghan Burton, Hailey Ladd, Lindsey Fanz-ranked 10th in the country to date).  We also had 10 individual team records broken on the weekend, which included one state record by Cody Bollinger in the 50 free and one meet record also by Cody in the 100 free. 

Summer of 2013 marked the highest number of individual and relay wins PSDN has had in the recent years.  Johnny Kerr kicked off the victories for the 10 and unders by winning the 50 breaststroke (40.61) by over 3 seconds!  He followed that up by dominating the 100 breast (1:27.90)the next day winning by almost 8 seconds!   Maddie Gorruso finished the meet for the 10 and unders by winning the 50 fly (33.57) on the final event.   Maya Atkins added to the victories for the 11-12 with the 50 breaststroke (36.88) win on the first night.  Cody Bollinger had victories in the 13-14 boys 200 free (1:59.10) the first night, 50 free (24.50-ranked #4 in the country) and 100 back (1:00.91) on the second night, and 100 free on the last night (54.50).  The 13-14 girls by grabbing the state record in the 200 freestyle relay swam away with the victory.  Not to be outdone by the girls, the boys claimed a victory in the 400 freestyle relay and 400 medley relay 4:10.09 (the medley relay being ranked #1 in the country to date!)

Here are our new team records:

9-10 Girls 200 Medley Relay (Nezelek, Stadtmueller, Gorruso,Burton), 400 Medley Relay (Burton, Stadtmueller, Nezelek, Gorruso) and 400 and 200 Free Relay (Ettinger, Stadtmueller, Gorruso, Burton)

Johnny Kerr 100 breast

Crash Ackerly 50 Back and 100 Back

Nathan Wakefield 50 Back 100 back and 200 back and 200 Fly

11-12 Boys 200 Free Relay (Wakefield, Kerr, Polino, Barnett) and 200 Medley Relay (Wakefield, Barnett, Polino, Kerr-ranked 8th in the country)

11-12 Boys 400 Medley Relay (Wakefield, Kerr, Polino, Barnett)

Cody Bollinger 50 and 100 Free and 100 Back

13-14 Boys 400 Medley Relay (Bollinger, Sheffield, Hoffman,Lenart),  400 Free Relay (Bollinger, Vivadelli, Hoffman, Lenart), and 200 Free Relay (Bollinger, Hoffman, Stoll, Lenart) and 200 medley (Bollinger, Sheffield, Hoffman, Lenart-ranked 4th in country)

13-14 Girls 200 Free Relay (Burton, Ladd, Butler, Fanz) and 200 Medley Relay (Ladd, Butler, Burton, Fanz)



Individual top 8 performances in the state:

Vivianne Stadtmueller 400 free (8th), 50 breast (3rd), 200 free (5th), 100 breast (3rd)

Adam Kerr 400 free(5th), 200 free (4th),  200 back (4th), 400IM (5th), 50 back (5th), 200IM (3rd), 200 breast (5th), 100 back (4th)

Hailey Ladd 1500 free(5th), 200 free (3rd), 100 fly (4th), 400IM (3rd), 100 back (4th), 400 free (2nd)

Garrison Johnson 1500 free(2nd), 200 free (7th), 400IM (4th), 400 free (2nd), 800 free (3rd), 200 back (6th)

Vincent Vivadelli 1500 free(5th), 400 free (7th)

Cody Lenart 1500 free (8th), 200 free (5th), 100 fly (5th), 200 fly (2nd), 800 free (7th), 100 free (4th)

Johnny Kerr 50 breast (1st), 50 free (4th), 100 breast (1st)

Maddie Gorruso 200 free (6th), 100 free (3rd), 50 fly (1st)

Morgan Burton 50 back (6th), 100 back (7th), 50 free(3rd)

Maya Atkins 50 breast (1st), 100 breast (2nd), 200 breast (3rd)

Amanda Blaha 50 breast (3rd), 50 back (6th)

Jack Barnett 50 breast (3rd), 100 breast (5th)

Jamari Sheffield 100 breast (5th), 200 breast (7th)

Lindsey Fanz 200 free (7th), 50 free (5th), 100 free (4th)

Cody Bollinger 200 free (1st), 100 fly (8th), 50 free (1st), 100 back (1st), 400 free (6th), 100 free (1st)

Nathan Wakefield 100 fly (2nd), 200 back (3rd), 400IM (3rd), 200 fly (2nd), 50 back (2nd), 100 back (2nd), 100 free (5th), 50 fly (5th)

Meghan Burton 100 fly (2nd), 50 free (6th), 100 back (2nd), 200 back (6th), 100 free (6th)

Kolin Hoffman 100 fly (6th)

Tory Farmer 400IM (8th), 200 fly (4th)

Amelia Macholz 100 breast (7th)

Gabi Crouch 50 free (8th), 50 back (8th)

Zoe Moore 200 breast (3rd)

Gareth Vaughan 50 fly (4th)

Michelle Morrisey 200IM (8th)


Thanks to all the parents and swimmers for all the support and spirit for a great weekend.

PSDN Coaches